Sustainable Highworth Working GroupĀ  – Terms of Reference

The Sustainable Highworth Working Group will monitor, advise, engage, and promote environmental matters across the Highworth community through the sharing of ideas and expertise with the aim of implementing changes which will increase the biodiversity in and around the town, reduce our overall impact on the environment and improve the well-being of residents.

The Group will review the suggestions submitted by the Highworth community at the public consultation and identify feasible actions at individual, community and Council level.

The Group will develop a practical plan of engaging with the community and local partners to implement acknowledged best practice for the benefit of the environment and the community. Where suggestions submitted by the community are outside of individual, community or Council control or financial capacity, the Group will sign post local, county, regional and national programmes and guidance.

The Group will establish an accessible programme of community engagement utilising local group and communication channels, including social media, to keep local residents informed of and engaged with the activities undertaken.